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Sherwood 47" x 64" Rectangular Counter Height Enclosed Gas Fire Pit Table*
3,895.00 3,895.00 3,895.00 3895.0 USD
This beautiful Sherwood 47" x 64" Rectangular Counter Height Enclosed Gas Fire Pit Table is a beautiful product. The rectangular enclosed gas fire pit table is perfect for any outdoor patio in need of a new gas fire pit table.
Sherwood 39" x 56" Rectangular Enclosed Gas Fire Pit Table
2,850.00 2,850.00 2,850.00 2850.0 USD
The contemporary and stylish Sherwood Rectangular Gas Fire Pit Table is ready to help you create warm memories with family and friends. Roast marshmallows around a roaring flame, or let the embers glow as you relax with a drink and good conversation. This fire pit comes with clear glass beads to add elegance to your fire experience. You can choose to use propane, which is conveniently stored inside the fire pit, or you can choose to use Fully Vented Gas with a conversion kit sold separately. The Sherwood firepit is sure to make a statement in any outdoor space!
Donoma 44" Round Fire Pit
3,100.00 3,100.00 3,100.00 3100.0 USD
Donoma 44" Round Fire Dining Table
3,223.00 3,223.00 3,223.00 3223.0 USD
Donoma 44" Round Counter Fire Table
3,346.00 3,346.00 3,346.00 3346.0 USD
Sherwood Hexagonal Enclosed Gas Fire Pit Table
2,697.00 2,697.00 2,697.00 2697.0 USD
Hanamint makes it easy to enhance any space you wish to fill. With the Sherwood Hexagonal Enclosed Gas Fire Pit Table you can roast marshmellows around the gas lit flame, tell stories and stay warm all while doing so. This beautiful fire pit table is bound to get your guest talking.
12" x 24" Rectangular Burner Kit
912.00 912.00 912.00 912.0 USD
The 2" x 24" Rectangular Burner Kit will fit any of your rectangular enclosed gas fire pits from Hanamint.
Donoma 44" Round Fire Bar Table
3,469.00 3,469.00 3,469.00 3469.0 USD
Donoma 42" x 54" Rectangular Fire Pit
3,555.00 3,555.00 3,555.00 3555.0 USD
Donoma 42" x 54" Rectangular Fire Dining Table
3,678.00 3,678.00 3,678.00 3678.0 USD
Hemingway Islands 48" Round Fire Pit
4,567.50 6,525.00 4,567.50 4567.5 USD
(30% Off)
Inspired by the dynamic personality and lifestyle of Ernest Hemingway, this collection's exotic details honor the many faces of the Nobel Prize-winning author's legendary life.
Round Glass Guard
203.00 203.00 203.00 203.0 USD
Round glass fire pit wind guard. For use with gas fire pits only. Not suitable for wood burning fire pits. Fits all round hanamint gas fire pits. 22.5" diameter
Donoma 42" x 54" Rectangular Counter Fire Table
3,801.00 3,801.00 3,801.00 3801.0 USD
Rectangular Glass Guard
141.00 141.00 141.00 141.0 USD
Rectangular 12' x 24" Glass Guard
Donoma 42" x 54" Rectangular Fire Bar Table
3,924.00 3,924.00 3,924.00 3924.0 USD
Fire Glass*
66.00 66.00 66.00 66.0 USD
Having trouble finding the right color fire glass to go well with your gas fire pit? No worries, the Black Fire glass looks good with any outdoor seating furniture as well as other colors. And if you use liquid propane this glass carries the added benefit that the soot produced will blend perfectly with the black color and not be noticed by guests or visitors.
46" Round Fire Pit/Table Cover
103.00 103.00 103.00 103.0 USD
42" x 54" Rectangular Fire Pit/Table Cover
115.00 115.00 115.00 115.0 USD
Classic 48" Round Enclosed Gas Fire Pit Table
2,007.00 2,007.00 2,007.00 2007.0 USD
A beautiful Aluminum Enclosed Gas Fire Pit table. Perfect for wanting to spice up your outdoor seating area. Depth 48" (121.9 cm)
Height 24 1/4" (61.6 cm)
44" x 72" Rectangular Fire Table Cover
183.00 183.00 183.00 183.0 USD

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