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Black Mulch vs Brown Mulch
What's Best for Your Lawn

Black Mulch vs Brown Mulch

Which mulch is better for Your lawn?

The main purpose of mulch is to retain moisture in the soil, to block weeds, and prevent frost heaving. But why can't it make your house look good too!

Black mulch double shredded Brown mulch double shredded

In this article we are going to talk about which mulch is best for your home, black mulch or brown mulch.

Black Mulch

Black Mulch pairs perfectly with grey and darker colored homes or even contemporary houses. Use black mulch as a stylish addition to accent your modern home.

Black Mulch goes with all greens around your lawn, but it pairs best with deeper green foliage.

Black mulch has a longer lasting color than brown mulch, making it great for commercial area's.

Black mulch is also better for cooler regions of the country.

Don't use black mulch for area's with delicate plants, this mulch attracts sunlight and retains heat better than brown mulch.